Difficulty in passing urine and even pain in the process, especially in males, is not something normal. It is most likely an indication of the narrowing of the urethra, what doctors refer to as Urethral Stricture. Urethra is the lower-most part of urinary tract through which urine is passed out from the urinary bladder. Urethral Stricture is more common in males than females. Rather, Urethral Stricture in females is of a very rare occurrence. Urethral Stricture can be congenital or acquired. Homeopathic medicines, which are sourced from natural substances, can be very beneficial in the treatment of Urethral Stricture. These homeopathic remedies for urethral stricture are completely safe and natural remedies, with no side effects, ensure that the passage of urine becomes normal again and there is no pain in the process.

Symptoms and causes of Urethral Stricture

The symptoms of Urethral Stricture include diminished force of urine stream, pain during passing urine, urine passing out in drops, and inability to completely empty bladder. Urinary Tract Infection, Calculus and Hydronephrosis are a few complications. The main cause behind Urethral Stricture is scar formation following trauma or [toc]injury to urethra and surgical operations. The trauma may follow any hit or blow on the urethra or it occurs following instrumentation (Endoscopy, catheter introduction). Post-operative Urethral Stricture mainly follows a prostate operation. Urethral Stricture may also appear after infections and inflammatory conditions of urethra. The main infection is gonorrhoeal infection.

Top Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Urethral Stricture

Clematis: Best Homeopathic treatment for Urethral Stricture in the beggining stages

Clematis is the best Homeopathic prescription in the very beginning stage of Urethral Stricture. This natural Homeopathic medicine can relieve many symptoms associated with Urethral constriction. The first symptom that calls for the use of Clematis is a feeble stream of urine with slow passage of urine. Extreme constricted sensation is felt in the urethra while passing urine by the patient. The second complaint that can be relieved with Clematis is the difficulty faced by the patient in clearing the full bladder in one go. The urine cannot be passed out once. The flow of urine starts, then stops and starts again. This cycle continues several times. The patient always feels as if some urine is still left behind in the bladder. Clematis is also the best Homeopathic remedy when the patient complains that the urine is passed drop by drop. Clematis helps in establishing the proper flow of urine in a stream. Natural Homeopathic medicine Clematis is also helpful for all those patients of Urethral Stricture who have a history of gonorrhoea for a long duration. The complaint usually occurs after suppressed gonorrhoea. In addition to a history of suppressed gonorrhoea discharge, the other complaints can be dribbling urine, intermittent urine flow and feeble urine steam.

Chimaphila: Homeopathic remedy for straining to pass urine

Homeopathic medicine Chimaphila is of great help for urethral stricture patients who have to apply a lot of strain to pass urine. In spite of efforts, the urine passed is very less in quantity. One characteristic feature unique for the use of this natural Homeopathic medicine is a specific position in which the patient is able to empty the bladder. The position is standing with feet set wide apart and body stooped forward. So, it’s only by standing with feet wide apart and inclining the body in a forward position that a person is able to pass urine. When such peculiar symptoms come to light, the selection of the correct Homeopathic medicine becomes easy and excellent results follow.

Cantharis: Top Homeopathic medicine for urine passing out in drops with burning pain

Cantharis is a very well known and widely used natural Homeopathic medicine for various kinds of urinary troubles. Cantharis is very  beneficial in Urethral Stricture cases when the foremost complaint is passage of a few drops of urine though the urge to pass urine is almost constantly present. The urine is passed with much violent, burning pains. The burning pains start before urination, remain while passing urine and continue thereafter. Cantharis is also the best Homeopathic remedy for Urinary Tract Infection due to Urethral Stricture with difficult, painful, burning and almost scalding urine.

Thiosinaminum: Homeopathic medicine for dissolving scars in Urethral Stricture

Homeopathic medicine Thiosinaminum is known for its ability to dissolve scars formed anywhere in body. Thiosinaminum can work wonders in Urethral Stricture cases where the cicatrical tissue is formed in urethra due to any cause. The resolving power of this natural remedy in scar cases cannot be matched by any other Homeopathic medicine. The scar will get soft followed by complete disappearance with the use of Homeopathic medicine Thiosinaminum.

Conium: Homeopathic remedy for urine passing out in intermittent stream

Conium is a natural Homeopathic remedy that can help patients of Urethral Stricture where the main trouble is intermittent stream of urine. It takes a lot of time to complete the act of urination. The time taken is due to intermittent urine flow. The urine starts to flow and then stops and this process of starting and stopping is repeated several times to completely pass the urine out.

Clematis and Sulph Lod: Homeopathic remedies for Urethral Stricture following gonorrhoea

Clematis is a very beneficial natural Homeopathic medicine for use in Urethral Stricture following gonorrhoea. Clematis can help the persons who have a feeble stream of urine or interrupted urination. Clematis can also help in case of dribbling urine and inability to pass urine in one go. Homeopathic medicine Sulph Lod is the ideal remedy when the urine passes drop by drop and there is a frequent urge to pass urine. The frequency to pass urine is mostly worse at night.

Arnica: Homeopathic medicine for Urethral Stricture following injury or trauma

Arnica is among the top natural Homeopathic medicines for its universal curing action in trauma and injury cases. Arnica can help all those cases of Urethral Stricture that are a result of injury. Injuries basically caused by blunt objects, a blow or a fall are covered by this Homeopathic medicine. The patient needing Arnica usually complains of sore and bruised pain in urethra while urinating or otherwise.

Conium and Magnesium Mur: Homeopathic medicines for intermittent passage of urine

Natural Homeopathic medicine Conium is of great help when the patient complains of intermittent passing of urine due to Urethral Stricture. The urine starts and stops and the cycle is repeated till the whole bladder is emptied. Magnesium Mur is the ideal Homeopathic choice when the patient has to really strain to empty the bladder. The urine is passed out with much difficulty after putting in a lot of pressure.

Clematis and Oleum Santali: Homeopathic medicines for feeble stream of urine

Clematis and Oleum Santali proves to be very effective natural treatment for Urethral strictures.Homeopathic medicine Clematis is a good remedy when a feeble stream is accompanied by intermittent passing of urine. Oleum Santali is the Homeopathic medicine to be used when the urine stream is very slow and scanty.

Clematis and Cantharis: Homeopathic medicines for dribbling urination

Clematis is a natural Homeopathic medicine that can help all those patients of Urethral Stricture who have a dribbling (passage in drops) urination. Along with dribbling passing of urine, a constricted feeling in urethra is always present. When the dribbling of urine is accompanied by a burning sensation of high degree, then Cantharis is a very beneficial Homeopathic medicine.

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